Artist Statement

Jason Bozhi Zhao (b. 1993, Beijing) primarily works in performance, sculpture and installation to explore the ramifications of the new digital post-Fordist economy; as exemplified by the labor models of Uber, Upwork, DoorDash, marketed through Instagram, manifested through NFTs and transacted through cryptocurrencies. In particular, what are the possibilities, conditions, and limitations of art under such a structure? In an era of widespread commodity activism (activism as commodity, consuming as activism), how does the conception of art as a force of social change remain true to its promises? Through interventions, antagonism, satire and social projects, Zhao’s practice critique the role of art under contemporary capitalism.

Zhao holds a MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a MA in philosophy from Columbia University. He has been a recipient of the Margot & Thomas Pritzker Scholarship and the Samuel & Blanche Koffler award. His works have been shown at Links Hall, the University of Chicago, Ars Electronica, Sullivan Galleries and others. He has an upcoming solo show at Organhaus (Chongqing) in late 2022 involving delivery workers from food-ordering apps.