The Zoo (proposal)
Installation Layout Proposal

Performance Notes

In a museum/gallery, an installation with two entrances in opposing directions. Participants enter through one of two directions and proceed one-way throughout. They are first greeted with prominent “no socks” signs and are instructed to take off their socks (plastic bags will be provided) in a special zone.

Next, participants enter the performer zones. Performer zones are in the middle of the installation and separated from the viewers by a display partition (glass window, wall, display) describing a type of technological object; cellphone, bluetooth earbuds, smart speakers.

When participants finish all three performer zones, they proceed to the exit. Before the exit, a final display partition shows the socks zone for the viewers going in the other direction. The view from the display occludes certain objects. Beneath that display partition is a panel describing those objects.

Rendering – Participant's View
2017.  Participatory Installation
performers, signs, uniform, plaques, displays, logo, plastic bags, walls, glass, participants, benches. (prototyped in unity, premiere pro, green screen)