Gifts (proposal)

Performance Notes

On one side, a performer stands before a table. At the far end of the shelf is a curtain that obscures the boxes beyond that point. Boxes can be moved on the treadmill, one at a time. A sign placed next to the performer states “Will you give a gift?”.

On the other side, an opaque box above is connected to a crank and credit card terminal. The crank makes loud noises when turned and takes considerable physical effort to turn. When the crank is turned one full revolution, the bottom of the box opens and a piece of random trash falls out. Paying $10 at the credit card terminal results in a machine turning the crank with the same results.

If participant turns the crank or pays money, the performer gazes happily at the crank turning.

If participant hands the gift to the performer, the performer will smile warmly, make eye contact and say “Thank you for your gift”. Performer will then take the trash and put it into a gift box. Performer will ask the participant’s name. Performer will then write the name onto the box. The box will be put on the shelf. All existing boxes are moved to the back by one unit.

If participant does not complete the task or fails to give the gift to the performer, the performer will ignore the participant.

2018.  Participatory Performance
performer, sign, box, gears, crank, shelf, gift boxes, credit card terminal, curtain.