From Future to Past
Participant’s view of touch screen in room (rendering)

Performance Notes

In an art gallery or museum, participants wait in line to an enclosed room for an unknown art experience. The room accommodates only one person at a time.

Inside the room is a touchscreen.

The touchscreen displays a live feed (no audio) from a camera outside the room, pointing at the line. Next to the touchscreen is a wall-mounted instruction (img. 3) Instructions inform participants: overlaid rectangles denote secret performers, and on-screen controls affect the temperature and fan of the waiting area and actions of the secret performers.

When the participant decides they are done, they exit and the next person enters.

Participant’s view of touch screen in room – options expanded
Wall Label in Room
2018.  Participatory Performance
performers, touchscreen, concealed earphones, ac, camera, instructions. (rendered with sketch, principle, unity, premiere pro)