Everyone Will Be An Artist

A touchscreen vending machine selling 800 unique works of activist art.

800 workers were hired to make 1 work of activist art each. Each work is unique and sold only once. Workers and artworks obtained through open calls posted on online hiring platforms for various socially conscious artwork.

When a work is sold, worker receive 95% of profits from the sale. All elements of artwork (title, statement, artwork, etc) are uncensored and unedited. Each vended artwork is a photo print, maximally sized 4 inch x 6 inch.

To be installed in a co-working space, in the break room or cafeteria.

Browse vending machine contents at www.activismvending.com

New York Times: Doing Tiny Jobs for Tinier Pay

2020. Interactive Installation.
67" x 23" x 15"
custom vending machine, money, 100 artworks against racism, 100 artworks against xenophobia, 100 artworks against sexual violence, 100 artworks against tyranny, 100 artworks against gun violence, 100 artworks against pollution, 100 artworks against exploitation, 100 artworks against homophobia
photos by Nathan Keay
Touchscreen Screenshot